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17. Something More Beautiful

“I have to say that that's a bit anti-climactic.”

“Well, I could make up an exciting gunfight between myself and a shadowy gang of organ thieves to finish the story if it'll make you happy. Sometimes, not always, but sometimes life doesn't have a clear and sharp distinction between Then and Now.” Penny said.

"Did that make you happy?" Maxine said. “Did you feel renewed when you purged yourself of your sins?”

"Not at first. Even though they never had feelings for me, I still had feelings for them. At the time, I took that as a sign of smug superiority, of being better and beyond them for having actual human emotions. I was certain few people noticed or cared that I left. People come, people go and in between those times you use them for whatever you can take and they use you the same way. They no longer had anything I wanted to take and I no longer had anything that I wished to offer."

"Do you still believe that everyone is just a pervert too af…

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